About Us

Who We Are

We started this site to serve the people of Karachi and to bring a smile to the faces of the people of Karachi.

In GiftWrappers.pk you follow the cheapest rates between other sites, why? Cheaper rates do not mean that there is poor quality delivery, but actually a widespread smile on millions of people.

Live on board or out of town and leave your family and miss them on important occasions, especially in Eid, Id-Ul-Adha, birthdays, weddings,Anniversary, etc. It is always difficult. Thanks for modern technology, so that you can talk and chat with your family in Karachi, Pakistan wherever possible, and thanks to the internet technology that you can easily order at home in Karachi, you will receive a gift in time.

We understand that the people who left our city because of the financial reason that some of them solve rich people very well, but there are some of them who are still working on a lower wage. That’s why we want GiftWrappers.pk that everyone can send a smile at home through gifts to your family. Our motto is simple: “send more and pay

We supply flowers and gifts from the best sources of Karachi. Karachi is almost 2 BN people because we are based on Karachi, so we know everything about this city, not just the city, but we also know people from Karachi. We know which flavors they like and what they do not like, and bearing in mind that we deliver gifts everywhere in Karachi.

Gift Wrappers is an online gift shop that delivers the freshest and best product quality at the best price, and we offer brands. We have our own deliverers or deliveries of orders, which are delivered personally, such as feelings should be, instead of courier services we use the goods just as mail and because of our own delivery network, which we have delivered very quickly. anywhere in the city of Karachi.