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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

To cater a reliable platform to our buyers we have maintained our delivery policy. Customers are requested to read these policies before placing orders.

Delivery methods

We accept orders from international and local customers and deliver items locally in Karachi city. Customers may go for standard or custom delivery service depending on customer’s requirement.


Secure delivery

We ensure secure delivery of items by ensuring secure delivery transactions. For secure delivery transaction we use secure socket layer protocol to encrypt information guaranteeing confidentiality of customer’s credentials.


Delivery times

Our standard delivery timing is from 02 pm to 10pm. We also offer midnight delivery and delivery on specific times but that costs delivery charges.


Delivery areas

Our delivery service is currently confined to Karachi city only but we cover all the areas of city. The standard delivery to distant places of Karachi is also free.


Holiday & weekend deliveries

Giftwrappers.pk offers delivery service on weekends and holidays too but on additional delivery charges. Holiday delivery service encompasses all the events like Eid days, New year days etc. too.


Delivery charges

Standard delivery in week days is free of cost. Normally we offer free shipping service to our customers. In case of any custom order you may encounter additional charges too.


Delivery packaging

Delivery packaging is a free service offered by Giftwrappers.pk. We deliver all gift items stunningly packed and this delivery packaging costs zero additional charges.


Delivery attempts

Normally we try to deliver items on destined locations in a single attempt but if delivery doesn’t occur due to customer’s unavailability or any wrong information in that cases, we attempt twice to deliver items on accurate addresses.


Custom delivery

We make custom deliveries on custom orders with additional charges of Rs.300. Custom delivery charges for many orders destined to same address would be considered under single delivery cost.


Delivery problems

If any problem occurs in delivered items, customer needs to inform us about the issue within 24 hours after receiving the parcel. But if any problem occurs in our service, we may contact the customers in that cases and resolves the problems in a little while.

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