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Eid gifts

Eid ul fitr and Eid ul adha are the two most spiritual festivals for all the Muslims of the world. Muslims celebrate Eid ul fitr after Ramadan-the month of fasting and Eid ul Adha is celebrated in remembrance of the sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim that’s why it is also known as a festival of sacrifice and people sacrifice animals on this day to seek forgiveness of Allah. Eid days are celebrated with full enthusiasm and passion. It is tradition to exchange Eid gifts and wishes on this occasion. Eid gifts can be given to kids, siblings, neighbors, relatives, or anyone you know. Its purpose is just to promote love and share joys with others. By this people get more closer to each other by exchanging beautiful gifts. Gifts can also be given to non-Muslims too on Eid day to give a message of serenity and harmony to everyone.

People often send sweets and cakes to others to celebrate this festival. If you’re are sister you can send beautiful bangles & Mehndi gift to your sisters, cousins or friends. Eid is a joyful day for children too, they love to receive eid gifts from elders. We can give them boxes full of chocolates on Eid day as kids love Chocolates. Sending a dress to someone as an Eid gift is also a good choice so that they can wear it on Eid day. In long distance relationships you can send flowers, chocolates or sweets to your loved ones on Eid day. send eid gifts to Karachi with same day delivery from UK, us, Canada, Saudi Arabia and UAE etc. then visit our website now.You can send sweets & Eid cakes to your non-Muslims neighbors or fellows too as this is the beauty of our religion that is directs us too involve non-Muslims too in our celebrations or joyful moments. Giving Eid gifts to the people who are financially weak is such kind & great act too because Islam also teaches us to treat everyone equally and to show love and respect to all. So, in respect of Eid days, giftwrappers coffers an extensive variety of Eid gifts comprising beautiful Eid dresses, traditional Eid bangles & mehndi, Eid Cakes, chocolate boxes, sweets & fruits baskets and send gifts to karachi etc.

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