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Ramzan Ration For a Needy Family

Ramzan Ration For a Needy Family



Are you looking for a way to help out a needy family during Ramzan? Look no further than Ramzan Ration! This unique product allows you to send a box of food directly to a family in need, ensuring that they have the nutrients they need to break their fast during the holy month. With so much going on during Ramzan, it can be difficult to know what to do to help out, but with Ramzan Ration, you can make sure that everyone is taken care of. Thanks for choosing Ramzan Ration!

Send a Ramzan package of ration to the needy people in Pakistan and those who earn every day and spend every day are facing so many financial issues. This package will include the ration package which will help them.

– Sugar 5 KG
– Atta 15 KG
– Ghee 2 KG
– Rice 4 KG
– Daal Chana 1 KG
– Daal Masoor Wash 1 KG
– Baisan 2 KG
– Chat Masala 100 GM
– Salt 2 Pack
– Red Chilli Powder 250 Gms
– Biryani Masala
– Vermichilli 140 Gms
– Tomoto Ketchp 450 Gms
– Supreme Tea 100 Gms
– Rooh Afzah 800ml
– Dates Aseel
– Every Day 400 Gms

Note: These packages can be served to 4-6 Persons For 30 Days people of a family.


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