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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions.

Welcome to Giftwrappers.pk, below are the terms and services for the visitors and the customers who used this website. You must agree the terms and conditions of Giftwrappers.pk for using or for placing order.

  1. Giftwrappers delivers your gift the same day, according to the delivery date chosen by the customer. The delivery time starts at 10am and ends at 10pm. We do not receive and deliver timely deliveries and instructions on data recorded by Customer in the Notes.
  2. Giftwrappers is not responsible for missed / late deliveries due to curfew, governmental actions, natural disasters and incorrect addresses; The recipient’s phone does not answer during delivery or military operations.
  3. Despite all caution displayed during delivery, Giftwrappers is not responsible for late delivery if the offer recipient at the order form address assigns, damages or illegally damages the gift to the person on the order form and accepts an item that introduces yourself as the right person.
  4. Giftwrappers always delivers products as shown on the site and in the same stores as directed. Under certain unavoidable circumstances, such as the unavailability of products or products that are not available in a particular area, subject to these conditions, Giftwrappers reserves the right to replace the item with the best available alternative for the same costs.
  5. Giftwrappers reserves the right to send gift items separately, and not as a single package, if certain package items are not accepted by certain couriers.
  6. Giftwrappers does not claim, in any way, ownership or rights in trademarks, brands and company names used on this site and are the property of their respective owners / companies. Links to these products and company trademarks are used only to identify the products displayed on this site
  7. While Giftwrappers make great efforts to ensure timely delivery of fresh produce, Giftwrappers are responsible for the deterioration of perishable goods (flowers, sweets, cakes, etc.). Due to late delivery, limited to replacement of the item by delivery. fresh. same product. To benefit from such re submission, the recipient must contact Giftwrappers along with the originally delivered item; he / she will receive a gift within two hours.
  8. While Giftwrappers guarantee delivery of the highest quality products from known sources, you are not responsible if the product quality does not meet the recipient’s expectations.
  9. On Fridays and Sundays, delivery may start after 2 Pm, as some suppliers operate late.
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